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Easy Moroccan Tagines Cooking Tips For Beginners

May 17, 2017 no comments Morocco

If you hardly step foot in the kitchen to cook anything, you’ll discover that it’s not really all that bad after all. Beginners who are keen to try something new should consider getting some Moroccan tagines to whip up some tasty dishes. Here’s how simple the cooking process is.

Get The Ingredients

You need to first decide on what you would like to cook with these cooking tagines. People normally use them to cook stew. So it depends on what type of meat or vegetables you would like to eat. The traditional Moroccan dish would be lamb or vegetable stew. Once you’ve made up your mind, find out the list of ingredients and get them from your local store. Cooking is basically a breeze provided you have taken some time to plan. Prepare the ingredients by chopping the vegetables or and make sure the meat is cut into chunks.

Cooking The Stew

Moroccan tagines are made up of 2 parts. The top cone-shaped cover which is brilliant in keeping the stew from drying up during the cooking process. That’s because heat that travels upwards will condense at the top of the lid and the moisture will flow back down to the dish. The other part is the base of which you just need to place on a stove, add some cooking oil on it and start your cooking process. It’s basically the same way of cooking with Moroccan tagines. Heat up the oil and cook the meats. Some people prefer to braise the meat to seal up the juices before removing them. Next, just add in your garlic, onions, spices, vegetables and stir them well. You may add in water or broth depending on your taste. Leave it to boil before adding in your meat. Cook for a few hours or until the meat is tender enough.

Serving The Dish

You could add in some garnishing on your stew if you like. Recommended would be apricots or nuts. But you can be as creative as you like. You could choose to serve your lovely dish in tagine that you cooked with or you could transfer all of it to a serving tagine. That is if you’re big on presentation style. The stew can be served with refreshing

mint tea for drinks and freshly baked bread to go with the stew.


Now that wasn’t so difficult preparing a simple stew with cooking tagines right? Even if you are a beginner, you can get it done once you know the basics. Enjoy a wonderful meal with your family and friends.

Amelia Warmheart is an avid traveler but a lousy cook. When not traveling or recovering from jet lag, she shares tips on how easy it is to cook with Moroccan tagines to beginners. Anyone could whip up a simple stew with these cooking tagines in no time.

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