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What Makes Cooking With Moroccan Tagines Special?

May 17, 2017 no comments Morocco

If you have never seen any Moroccan tagines before, you may be a bit surprised when you have a look at it. The first thought that normally comes to mind is what can you possibly cook with it? Or maybe you thought it would be stylish to serve your guests with this peculiar looking pot? Anyway, here are some reasons why cooking with these tagine cooking pots is special.

An Easy Cooking Experience

Many people do not like to spend a lot of time cooking complicated dishes. Or maybe the main reason is that they do not want to waste whatever time they have in the kitchen preparing ingredients unless they happen to enjoy gourmet food. One of the things I like about Moroccan tagines is that cooking with them is easy. Basically, anyone could do it. You don’t need any other special kitchen equipment other than a stove. And you won’t have to use different pots and pans to cook one simple dish with it. In fact, it’s so easy, that here’s a short rundown on how to cook with it which anyone could try out.

Cook Any Type Of Stew

Whether you prefer meat or vegetables, these tagine cooking pots are built to handle stews. It’s cone-shaped lid ensures that the heat condenses at the top so that the dish does not dry up even if you leave it on the stove for a few hours. Just add some olive oil on the base of the pot, sear your meats to seal in the juices before removing them. Next, add all the spices and vegetables and stir them together before adding in some water or broth along with the seared meat to cook till soft and tender. The base of the pot is deep enough and depending on your serving size, you could choose either a small or large pot to cook your stew in.

Culturally Rich And Unique

These lovely stews will taste fantastic with freshly baked bread and you could even add in some nuts and apricots to make it tastier. It’s a wonderful cultural dish that anyone could cook and is meant to be shared with family and friends. And the best part is that you don’t even have to transfer the stew to another pot or bowl as you could just serve the stew from the tagine pot itself. Keeping the lid on it will keep the dish warm and since the pot is made of clay, your stew won’t cool off so fast. So you can be assured of a nice warm stew to enjoy with others.



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